In this blog the themes of exploration which bare relation to taoism (spelt with a small and quiet t) is done so in a very gentle way.  In doing so there is no definitive attempt towards encapsulating taoism as something purely philosophical nor any intention to take or add anything new to it.

Any taoistic notions explored or relevance alluding to it is not done so as to make pretension to be absolute right, correct or in the spirit of being so, it’s only a hope that it is heading towards a seemingly illusive but better understanding of life.

taoism based on my humble repertoire is traditionally known as a far eastern belief, first introduced at a reckoning of least 2500 years ago by a learned and supposed individual known as Lao Tzu in the creation of his works the ‘Tao Te Ching’.  The general accepted western interpretation of Tao is known as ‘The Way’.

Coming from a very different tradition of the west I’m more than aware of potential conscious and subconscious bias that can both inhibit or open ways of blog writing.  It is fitting then to recognise personal influences are not only derived from the likes of taoism, but also more traditional western thought, such as Plato in general and specifically Parmenide’s philosophy on way of truth (gnosis) and way of opinion (doxa).

Achieving harmony would seem to be one of taoism’s major tenents.  And of course not forgetting its important concept of Wu Wei or natural action, inclusive of being a naturally harmonious one.


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“In less than fruitful conditions it is better to quietly tend a small garden rather than risk exposure to bare landscape.  At least in such times and in such ways there is better opportunity to quietly give, grow and be.”

quote from interests of a quiet Taoist

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